On The Road

I’m half way through “On The Road” and having a wonderful journey. I’ve met some really great people in workshops and at concerts (including the drunk who shouted “That’s the strangest poetry I’ve ever heard” in the middle of one of my introductions, and then fell fast asleep, and the girl who wants to play the cello in a Zoo – brilliant idea!). I’ve done my first ever jam session with a whole symphony orchestra at the Junior Guildhall in London, which was incredibly exciting – what a great bunch of musicians they were – and played in a vegan cafe in Edinburgh. People seem to be very appreciative of the idea of taking music out to find them, rather than expecting everyone to come to me in conventional concert halls (though I’m really enjoying them too), and we’ve had several sell-outs already. Drop me a line, join the new emailing list (info, freebies…), and see some tour photos on the very cool Flickr gallery…enjoy!

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3 Responses to “On The Road”

  1. aimee says:

    Why is there no picture of us at Yorkshire Young Musicians? You said you would put it on.

  2. MatthewBarley says:

    Hi Aimee,
    pictures will be going up next week! Sorry for the delay…

  3. Ming says:

    Hi Matthew! Great site! Do you remember me? Ming from Bangladesh. You gave a performance in Dhaka in September 2004. I remember you tried counting in Bangla, Paul taught us a butterfly hunting song, you made Fraser say his name many times, Sam was the quitest and Peter caused great interest with his mirimba. It was a great time! Do you remember me?

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