Half a Cathedral

Last night I played at the Landmark Arts Centre in Teddington – what an amazing building! It appears that two wealthy Victorian ladies wanted to make a statement with a bigger church than the one across the road, so they set out to build a cathedral! But, sadly, they ran out of money half way through, so the gorgeous stone vaulted roof (it’s all done in perfect French Gothic Cathedral style), ends about a quarter of the way down what would have been the full length, and the building itself only makes it half way – there is a brick wall that cuts it off in its prime. It was a place of worship for around 100 years, but de-consecrated in the 1970s and is now an arts centre with a really wonderful acoustic – especially for solo cello – just close to the Thames in one if its most pleasant urban stretches. Very good audience who really listened (or were asleep) quietly and attentively. Go check it out.

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2 Responses to “Half a Cathedral”

  1. Lesley Biossine says:

    Hi Matthew

    Thank you for this lovely post about us on your website. We very much enjoyed having you with us and the audience loved you judging by the excellent feedback we have received.

  2. Matthew Barley says:

    It was a big pleasure!

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