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Nearly full recovery….

Monday, August 25th, 2008

Following a lot of rest, and even more visits to doctors, physiotherapists and Alexander teachers, my shoulder has made a near-complete recovery. I am back to a full practice schedule, although I still have to take a lot of small breaks while working, as the shoulder stiffens easily.
In getting back to work, I’ve had to change my left hand technique quite significantly, which has been very hard; it seems that gradually over the years I had developed a few habits that were making things go wrong all around my left shoulder, and that all needs to be corrected. This has all been a very slow process, but playing now feels easier than before, which is wonderful. And just as well, because there are a lot of concerts coming up. My Autumn schedule will be posted in the next few days. Apologies to the many people who had tickets for my concerts in the last months that were cancelled; some of these concerts will happen next year, like the tour with Julian Joseph, and we hope, a premiere of Peter Wiegold’s Improvised Concerto.

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